Cooking & Healthy Eating Education in Schools


Primary & Secondary Schools

Kinder Kitchen has been teaching in schools for over 7 years. We deliver a variety of classes and workshops to meet schools changing needs; from hands on cooking to a 10 week Healthy Eating Enterprise Project. We have helped schools achieve outstanding Ofsted results and attain their Healthy Schools London Silver Status Award.



We provide breakfast, lunch and after-school (Enrichment) clubs in both primary & secondary schools. Our classes allow children to handle fresh food, prepare, cook and eat a variety of healthy dishes. The children learn the basics of food preparation, use a variety of utensils, taste new foods, learn how to negotiate recipes plus most importantly have fun being in a kitchen environment. our classes promote confidence and a huge sense of achievement where children take pride in the end results. We write all our own recipes to a winning formula that keeps our dishes simple, tasty and quick to make.


Our bespoke workshops cover a range of current topics:

  • Sugar Workshop – we look at our typical daily diet and work out how much hidden sugar we now consume and promote available alternatives
  • Food Labelling – we help children to demystify the minefield of food labelling helping them to make better, more informed choices
  • Animal welfare – we take chicken, eggs and milk and discuss sustainable farming and the differing ways animals are reared and processed and how we can make better choices going forward
  • Healthy Eating – we cook with the class a variety of seasonal recipes whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing a deeper knowledge of what it means
  • Body Image – we look at how eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and enough sleep help develop a positive lifestyle attitude and confidence in ones image in an ever increasing image conscious society



Over 10 weeks we take a group of children on an entrepreneurial and healthy eating educational journey, with the end result being a healthy product they have created, marketed, taken to market and sold at a profit.

Each weekly hour session focuses on a business topic with a specific weekly outcome such as Team Work, Market Research, Product Development and Logo Creation . Children are engaged through games and class activities, including ‘hands-on’ cookery time.

Our Enterprise Scheme is suitable for small groups of children (6-10) or can be given to a whole class of up to 30 pupils. The concept is adaptable for varying age groups with older children having more creative and strategic freedom and a greater depth of decision-making and responsibilities.

The concept includes aspects of the famous programmes ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’. Children use their learnt entrepreneurial knowledge to sell their product as in ‘The Apprentice’ with the winning team being the one with the greatest profit. In our Edmonton Schools the children sell their final products in Edmonton Green Market and have an inter-school Dragons Den style event in the Millfield Theatre.


H.E.L.P. (Healthy Eating Lifestyle Programme)

This 8 week course of weekly hour sessions aims to inform school children about the basics of a healthy lifestyle based around food. We look at Food Provenance, Seasonality, Sugar, Wholegrains, Fats, Healthy v’s Unhealthy Foods, Portion Sizes and Home Cooking. We are unique in that each class has a practical element and involves some form of food tasting – it really engages the children and captures their interest.



All our classes and workshops fulfil the Government’s School Food Plan requirements for Key Satge 1-3 as outlined below:


  • - use the basic principle of healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes
  • - understand where food comes from
  • - prepare and cook a variety of predominately savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques
  • - understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.


  • - understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health
  • - cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet
  • - become competent in a range of cooking techniques (selecting and preparing ingredients; using utensils and electrical equipment; applying heat in different ways; using awareness of taste, texture and smell to decide how to season dishes and combine ingredients; adapting and using their own recipes)
  • - understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients.


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