Schools, Primary & Secondary

Happy and healthy children achieve more. We run a large number of classes and workshops that introduce children of all ages to the fun of food preparation and cooking. Education is key and our classes also help educate children how to be healthy, aiding them to develop the motivation to make healthier more informed choices from as early on as possible.


We deliver a number of projects throughout a number of North and East London Councils with the sole aim of teaching children and parents how to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. Much of our work focuses on families and youths who are at risk of obesity related illnesses.


We deliver cookery workshops, courses and holiday programmes with The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and The Princes Trust to name a few

KK Cookery School

We deliver a large number of classes, workshops and courses for children and adults privately. From themed one off workshops such as ‘Cooking for a Family’, ‘Pack Lunch Ideas’, ‘Healthy Halloween Recipes’ to a series of Masterclasses looking at topics such as ‘How to filet fish’, ‘Sushi Workshop’, ‘Mastering Mauritian Cookery’ and so on. Our classes are fun packed, lively, hands-on and full of practical advice.

Live Events

We love getting out and meeting the public at various events. You’ll may spot us at open air workshops, live cooking demos or cooking up our healthy treats to sell at market events to the forgotten children. Please see our list of up and coming events for more details.

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