Happy National Apple Day – Kinder Kitchen Apple Challenge

Little did I know that it is National Apple Day whilst doing an apple challenge in one of my afterschool cookery classes this afternoon.

I love apples. They are abundant at this time of year and shops are full of different varieties, many of which I have never heard of. We tend to go for the ones we know – Cox, Braeburn, Pink Lady. But on closer inspection there are lots of different varieties, all with different flavours, colours and textures.

When I was a teenager we nearly always had Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples at home. I hadn’t eaten a Golden Delicious apple in many years until holding my apple challenges. And I must say they are a mighty good tasting apple – strong tones of honey. I liken apple tasting to wine tasting as the apples all have different notes of acidity and sweetness. 

To do this at home with your kids you will need:

A chopping board
A kitchen knife
3-6 different kinds of apples
A blindfold

  1. Cut and core each apple and in turn try each one, one after another.
  2. Ask your children what flavours they can taste (honey, lemon, sunshine). Get them to tell you which ones are their favourites. Also, tell them the apples different names and get them to spell them out.
  3. If you have time, you could blindfold each child after the first round of tasting and get them to taste the apples again and tell you the apple’s names.

It is a great game to play together and also a good way of getting children to eat seasonal healthy fruit!


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