Vicki Williams



I’m lucky. I now do a job I love and care about.

I worked hard at school and university, which, meant I could get a successful job working in advertising and marketing. That was definitely a work hard/play hard kind of job and after 12 years I was happy to move on when I had my children.  Becoming a mother really made me think more about food, health and the lifestyles we lead.  I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a loving family with a mother who cooked. I had role models but I was never taught to cook. I love food and being creative so once I was home looking after my children I was constantly in the kitchen playing around with new dishes and challenging myself to make healthier meals.

I soon realised that many of my peers didn’t share my passion for cooking and many don’t cook preferring to take the easy option of buying pre-packaged meals. My marketing knowledge has made me wise regarding how the food industry confuse us and it saddens me greatly that many people unwittingly make poor food choices. And they are passing this behaviour onto their children.

Teaching people how to cook, sharing my passion for buying quality produce and empowering people with food industry knowledge keeps me busy now all 3 of my girls are at school. I smile knowing that I am a positive role model for those children who didn’t have one before Kinder Kitchen came along.

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