Natasha Walter


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I wear many hats! Although my main ones being a children’s food expert, cookery teacher, foodie and mum.

I live in  North London with my two children. Cooking real food has always played a huge role in my life since I started baking and cooking by myself at just 7 years old. My mother and Grandmother cooked every meal from scratch and by watching and cooking with them I became familiar with raw ingredients, learnt basic cooking skills and enjoyed eating delicious fresh meals.

My relationship with food during my childhood made me aware of the importance of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As I grew older I realised not everyone is as lucky as me in having the role models I had at home teaching me how to cook. This is where I come in helping to bridge the ever growing gap of children eating real food cooked from scratch.

My love of food is growing on a daily basis and I am keen to impart this love through the work we do at Kinder Kitchen Recipes.  Although I lead a busy life, I cook meals from scratch using fresh ingredients everyday ensuring my family eat a varied diet. However, as a nation, we have forgotten how to cook simple, tasty food and are drawn in by the lure of processed, prepared meals that take away some of the stresses from our daily lives and that also appear cheaper. I believe that knowledge and education is key and through our tuition and passion I believe we can help change habits and teach children and adults alike to cook for themselves, even on a very tight budget.



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