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Our Mission

Natasha & Vicki from Kinder Kitchen are passionate about real food, home cooking and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to get children and adults of all ages preparing and cooking fresh, simple and tasty food from scratch therefore reducing the amount of processed foods that are consumed.



Founder & Cookery Leader

Founder & Cookery Leader


Our Background

Cooking is a dying trend. In our current world of fast, pre-packaged, convenience on-the-go foods too many people have lost sight of the origins of food and food preparation.

Food related illnesses such as obesity and type-2 diabetes are on the increase and we consume more than three times the amount of sugar than 50 years ago. These trends are now affecting our children. Before 2000 no child suffered from diabetes. Today in 2016, diabetes is now fast becoming a childhood disease and 1/3 of children in the UK are overweight or obese.

Our busy schedules, ease of buying pre-made or processed meals, loss of interest in cooking meals from scratch and plain confusion about what we should be eating are, among other things, contributing to our bad eating habits.

The Food Industry is not ‘feeding’ us the truth. Supermarkets are advertising and discounting the wrong types of foods. We are overwhelmed with advice and research findings that change monthly and along with cookery programmes and cook books showing complicated recipes that cost a small fortune and take hours to prepare, we have become confused about what to believe is good for us.

At Kinder Kitchen we wish to reinstil a love and understanding of food and demystify the food choices available to us. We help you  to get back-to-basics and cook with real food. Let vegetables be the hero and meat the side. We all love to cook. We also all love to eat healthy food. Our classes and workshops teach and instil confidence on how to do both.

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