No wastage…

Stock of ripe bananas and more than you can eat today? When spotty they are at their sweetest, perfect inside my pancake for breakfast and in the girls banana smoothie (no added sugar needed). The rest have gone in a cinnamon and banana loaf; one for tomorrow, the other for the freezer and some cupcakes for right now with a cup of tea. Sorted
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Our war on waste

This week I had a last minute need for parsley for a cooking class, and there was one left in my local shop – hooray BUT the sales assistant couldn’t sell it to me. Why? Because it had yesterday as its sell by date!!! Its a plant, its alive and look at it, its perfectly healthy (albeit sideways in this post)! But no the rules stipulate that any item in the shop past its sell by date can’t be sold. So it
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‘It’s what sells, I’m afraid.’

It’s not often that I feel disillusioned by my job. This week I have thought on a couple of occasions ‘What’s the point? The mountain we are attempting to scale is just too big.’ But if Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall and Jamie Oliver thought  the same, the small waves of change wouldn’t be trickling their way into our thoughts about food waste and the food we consume. I visited my local Post Office this morning. What used to be a old fashioned Post
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