Kinder Kitchen Nutrition – vitamins and minerals

List of key minerals and vitamins There are a number of vitamins and minerals vital for your child to maintain a healthy diet. Below is a list of a number of these and an explanation of how they help the body. Vitamin A: Growth, healthy skin, boosts immune system Vitamin B: Helps digestion, healthy nervous system Vitamin C: Growth, healing of wounds and helps fight infection Vitamin D: Helps with formation of bones Vitamin E: Helps with cell structure Calcium:
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Today’s nutritious recipe from Kinder Kitchen – Grandma’s dahl

Today’s recipe is a great way of introducing different flavours to a baby. This is a great recipe to feed a baby from 9-12 months. You could feed your baby garlic, ginger and cinnamon on their own before adding all three to a dish so as not to overwhelm them. Grandma’s dahl (from 9-12 months) Ingredients: 45 grams of lentils – washed (please refer to the instructions on the pack)½ medium onion, finely chopped½ clove of crushed garlic½ tsp of
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